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In an effort to bring our blog pages to life and engage with our audience Favebook Lives events have been key in promoting and listening to our readers and subscribers thoughts on several key topics. As well as allowing them to have a dicusssion an post relevant information related to each topic.

Early on


Part 4: Systematic Injustice
In part four we will discuss several factors of systematic injustice such as voting rights, affordable housing, the wealth gap with POC, the war on drugs, imprisonment of black men and how all of this is affecting the black family. The focus will be how our history is interwoven into these issues and how they affect us today.


Part 3; Voice of Dissent

This will be a discussion for Part 3 : Racial Profile of the Voice of Dissent.. We will discuss topics like the slave Bible, 7 most famous slave revolts, and the rewrite of African American History by the Daughters of the Confederate. The focus will be how these events shaped history and how the effect us today


Prejudice of a Patriot

Part2 of my blog series called Language of Racism…
I hope y’all will enjoy reading about our history as much as I enjoyed writing about the Patriots of WWI &WWII. This cover photo is of the Harlem Hellfighters and infamous infantry that fought with bravery and courage and loved jazz music

This 7 part series will highlight some of the issues we face today and take an exclusive look at how slavery, lynching, racism, racial profiling, systematic racism, mass incarceration and police brutality have all been apart of our history as much as it is apart of our modern day




Biden/Harris Victory Lap

StF— Join us as we discuss what’s trending… Biden/Harris win the Presidency and VP seat. The current administration court battle, the N-word and some current events.

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